martedì, maggio 16, 2006


BACKGROUND: GTE Internetworking, a unit of GTE Corp., was formed when GTE acquired BBN Corp. which 28 years ago developed the ARPANET, the precursor to the modern Internet. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, GTE Internetworking offers customers, from consumers to Fortune 500 companies, a full spectrum of integrated Internet services using IP networking technologies. GTE Internetworking delivers complete network solutions, including dial-up and dedicated Internet access, high-performance Web hosting, managed Internet security, virtual private networks, network management, systems integration and Web-based application development for integrating the Internet into business operations. GTE Internetworking has 12 global data centers and a unique load- balancing technology for Web hosting.
PLATFORMS: Sun Microsystems- based computing platform with Sun Ultra and Sun Enterprise servers operating Sun Solaris 2.6 applications.
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de Feo with A GLADIATOR MTI Solution

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